Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Even Cheney's Pals Have Had Enough

In an editorial entitled "Losing Patience," the New York Times reports that long-time Republican Bush supporters are finally breaking with the administration on its rape-and-pillage approach to national public lands. Get this:

Last Friday, the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership sued the Interior Department to protest the recent authorization of 2,000 new oil and gas wells, along with 1,000 miles of roads and another 1,000 miles of pipeline in a wildlife-rich area of south-central Wyoming known as the Atlantic Rim. The suit accuses the bureau of multiple violations of federal law, including the requirement that it fully assess less destructive alternatives. It also notes that the bureau itself conceded that under its plan the “natural setting would be converted to an industrialized setting” with severe adverse impacts on mule deer, elk and pronghorn antelope.(Emphasis mine.)

Who likes these bastards?