Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rove's New Job?

One thing is clear: The Bush Reich surely will not allow its chief propagandist and ring master to go to waste.

Of a piece with Rove’s reported plans to return to Texas to write a book on the George W. Bush administration would certainly be a new post as, er, puppet master, behind-the-scenes "managing editor" of a presidential library cum propaganda complex. If anyone knows which files hold the dirty secrets, it's our boy Karl. You heard it here.

From BushWatch (Thursday, August 9, 2007):

Dr. Benjamin Johnson, a history professor at Southern Methodist University(SMU)in Dallas, where President Bush is proposing to build his $500 million library and neoconservative institute (DeFrank, 2006; Berkowitz, 2007,recently attended the annual meeting of the Organization of American Historians. Several colleagues there reported that Karl Rove, Bush's chief political strategist, has been traveling around the country examining research facilities, discussing how to select Bush Institute fellows, and meeting with library directors (Johnson, 2007a).

According to Dr. Johnson, one well-respected colleague said, "Rove seems to know exactly what the square footage is of the building that will be at SMU and where it will be located on campus." Rove also expressed displeasure that some SMU faculty and United Methodist bishops were protesting the proposed partisan institute (Korosec, 2007; Silva, 2007)over which Bush and company will have total control (Johnson, 2007b). This hands-on involvement of a top-level White House operative like Rove demonstrates the importance of the proposed library and think tank at SMU to Bush insiders.

. . . . To re-write history on the scale Bush needs will necessitate the complete control of a disinformation institute, and if it uses the legitimacy of a respected university and the good name of a major Protestant tradition, all the better (imagine the American Enterprise Institute with a giant cross on the front door, and you get the picture).

Importantly, Rove and friends will be able to continue to conceal the most damaging information about this administration in its bubble using Bush's Executive Order 13233, signed into law shortly after 9/11, which insures [sic] that the president and his heirs are able to deny access in perpetuity to government records they select (Gillman, 2007). (Emphases ours.)