Thursday, September 13, 2007

Expected Gonzales Replacement, Ted Olsen, Author of Plan to Neuter Congress

While we're on the subject of a White House bent on taking Congress (the people's branch) out of the Constitution, kudos to KragoX at The Next Hurrah for some great shovel work on the ongoing effort by the GOP to enthrone an emperor in the White House:

Who was the White House counsel who devised the plan? Fred Fielding. Yes, the same.

Fielding's assistant in running the gambit? Well, he's now Chief Justice of the United States, John Roberts. Yes, the same.

Again, the aim of the plan? To neuter the ability of Congress to enforce its oversight powers against the executive branch.

And who established this plan as administration policy by authoring a 1984 memo as head of the Office of Legal Counsel? Ted Olson. Yes, the same.

How much more of a pattern do the Senators need to see, do you think?

Why would any Senator in his or her right mind vote to confirm as the new Attorney General one of the three chief architects of the plan to render them powerless?

Ted Olsen is expected to be Bush's nominee to replace Gonzales at Justice. Nice.