Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Larry Schiavo Case

AKA Larry Craig.

If you read this blog, you know I’m not crazy about Senator Larry Craig. He's coming across to me as a selfish liar who has deceived his family, his lovers, his friends, his constituents, and of course himself.

It seems that he has so compartmentalized his sexuality from his consciousness and conscience that he actually may not believe he’s done anything wrong, except pleading guilty. As the awful tape-recording reveals, in Craig's head, if anybody was giving hand signals, it wasn’t Mr. Wide Stance. No nasty boys here.

Now comes news that the psychodrama has only just begun. Larry Craig may not resign after all. Big surprise. I heard the words “intend to” on Saturday, and knew then that he had given himself an out. It was clear then that the story wasn’t done yet.

This decision shifts the country’s focus from Craig to the Republican leadership. None of this could occur were it not for (a) Craig's truly unnerving capacity to split off his attraction to men, and (b) trainmaster Arlen Specter. More shortly.