Monday, September 3, 2007

Nice Things Do Happen

Maimonides is a $4.6 million colt owned and nambed by Ahmed Zayat, a Muslim. The colt is named for "Moses Maimonides, who lived more than 800 years ago and is considered among the greatest Jewish philosophers. He was the chief rabbi of Cairo and the physician to the sultan of Egypt."

The reason for the name? “He was a very special man who was highly regarded by all people, regardless of faith,” Zayat said of the philosopher. “What has happened with Sept. 11, Iraq, and what’s going on in the region is contrary to the way I grew up. If this horse was going to be a superstar, I wanted an appropriate name. I wanted to say something with the tool I had, which was a horse. I wanted it to be pro-peace, and about loving your neighbor.”

Feels like a long drink of cool water, doesn't it?