Monday, October 8, 2007

Out of Iraq Now. Now. Now. Not Another Minute. Out.

Iraqi officials have declared that they have no intention of reconciling. The whole point of the surge was to provide sufficient security for them to effect a reconciliation.

Because the Iraqis have no intention of stepping up, we need to step down and out the door. Right now. There's not only no reason to stay; staying in these circumstances is enabling a purposeless waste of life and limb and the fraudulent distribution of treasure to a legion of corrupt Bush friends and allies.

This has gone from being an appalling, horrific, criminal disaster to being an obscene travesty AND an appalling, horrific, criminal disaster. And if the Iraqis have their way, apparently they're waiting in the wings to create a bigger horror.

Impeach and get these hopelessly incompetent, catastrophic, corrupt sociopaths into prison. And then hang the lot, including Rumsfeld. Now. Before they get us into Iran. Jeeebus. Does it get any clearer?