Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Mean People's Academy Strikes Again

Take note of this warning from op-ed columnist Harold Meyerson's "What's on the Line in the Writers' Strike" (Washington Post):

Nations with more high-tech economies than our own, such as the Scandinavian states, have upgraded technology and increased productivity in ways that have enhanced, rather than diminished, the bargaining power and lives of their workers. In the United States, by contrast, our corporate elites, sometimes using technological innovation as a pretext for their power grabs, have destroyed workers' bargaining power and kept for themselves almost all the revenue from technologically driven productivity increases. The picketers at Paramount and Disney may look to be a chorus line of wise-asses, but their struggle is a deadly serious test of whether any American workers retain the clout to strike a deal with the unchecked greed that is the modern American corporation.
Makes sense to me.

Did these guys go to a different kindergarten or what? Weren't they ever taught to play nice?

Where do these people come from? Is there a Bush cloning institute, or an international mean people's training academy in a black hole somewhere, and does it spew its graduates onto the USA for any particular reason? Why not Scandinavia? If there really is a God, like Pat Robertson says, shouldn't He be especially annoyed at all those naked Swedes running around in the snow? And what about those sots, the Finns? Puh-leeze.

All I can say is that these boys better be glad they didn't go to my first grade. Mrs. Dansby would have cleaned their clocks.