Friday, November 30, 2007

Pico's Wee-Wee List

Today Pico pisses on:

Karl Rove: "Congress pushed Bush to war." Right, and I'm the Virgin of Guadalupe. Doesn't the Bible say something about bearing false witness, Herr Rove?

Tom Tancredo: Hires undocumented workers but wants them all deported. What a bastud.

Nancy Pelosi: Impeach the SOBs, already. It's really NOT YOUR CALL, Nancy.

The Archbishop of Canterbury: Get clue, bubba.

The Virginia GOP: Will require Repubs who register for the primare to sign a vow to vote for the Republican candidates in 2008. I call that (a) scared, and (b) Kremlin.

Speaking of: Pooty-Poot. He's ahead? Who saw that comin'?

Britney. Tie the tubes, stat.