Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ron Paul

I wouldn't call Ron Paul a libertarian any more than I'd call a cat a buffalo. I'd call Ron Paul a Far Right, control-freak, hyper-conservative, paranoid-delusional wing nut, and that's when he's having a good day.

In case you've been engaged by his unpolished approach to political campaigning or tempted by his stance on the occupation of Iraq, please see Orcinus' roundup of Ron Paul's legislation. It speaks loudly and clearly for itself.

Paul is everything we don't want in a public servant. If the fact that he's too far Right for this Republican party doesn't tell you something, seek a brain transplant.

And did I read that Kucinich is considering Ron Paul for his VP? Fetch the smelling salts and shoot me now. That's a waltz I never want to see.