Thursday, November 29, 2007

That Was Some Debate, Huh?

That opening shot looked like the Rockettes in suits, only waaay uglier.

Huckabee: Nice guy until you look at how he treats living, walking-around people like gays and lesbians. His blowing off the question about Jesus and the death penalty was craven, beneath us all, and distinctly unfunny. But I agree with his observation that the Bible isn't meant to be understood entirely. Let us pray fervently that this doesn't give further license to the Rightwing fundies who so wildly, and vocally, misunderstand it.

Romney: I don't find anything salient to comment upon there, so I'll just note that Romney makes me fwow up. We don't need a rear shot to be sure there was a microphone pac on his shoulder. If ever there's been a more scripted, less sincere, more opportunistic and cynical candidate, I can't think who. Oh, wait: George Bush!

Giuliani: One-trick pony phenomenally fortunate that last night's breaking news about billing tax payers for his (adulterous) love-nest didn't come up.

Paul: I confess to liking his take on Iraq. Abolishing the IRS is a lovely thought but stoopid, as is abolishing the Department of Energy now at the very hour of global warming, but I, too, can do without the Department of Education, having seen how readily it can be used to destroy US education. And I keep hearing of his connections with and appeal among white supremacists. Total deal breaker--as if just being a Republican weren't.

McCain: Crazy ol' Senator Loose Cannon. We know him well out here. But I had to clap when I heard him refer to immigrants as "God's children, too," and express dismay at the tenor of what passes for discussion of this issue. Clearly he's flown his jet up up a dark, narrow passage on Iraq, and what he said about gays in the military was of such enormous moment that I can't remember it.

Tancredo: Mean little viper, isn't he? If I were from CO, I'd have to succumb to embarrassment. His bizarre little victory dance about forcing everyone to his Right on immigration gave me the creeps because, well, he's alarmingly close to correct about that dynamic. Good glimpse into the cavity that poses for the mind of the Right.

Was there anyone else? Oh, yeah, our savior, St. Fred: Why does anybody think he's "presidential"?

The questions: Get a new editor! There were too many questions on the Bible and immigration and guns, and too few questions on everything else. Where were the questions on corporate control of government? The consolidation of media? The skewed influence of talk radio on public policy? Global warming? NAFTA, CAFTA, and, um, SHAFTA? The suppression of science? Domestic spying? The meaning of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution? Privatized milias? Creeping fascism? The cost and quality of education and the preparation of the next generations for global competition? On Iran? Health care? Energy alternatives? Oh well, I guess we can be glad that Britney didn't play host.