Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I totally love Alas, A Blog, almost as much as I totally love The Angry Black Woman which, in happy serendipity, links to Alas, A Blog for "How Not to Be Insane When Accused of Racism (A Guide for White People)."

I found that title irresistible, and wasn't disappointed at the "Guide" or the rich collection of comments that it attracted. I recommend the lot.

Once in a while in the midst of serious (and edifying) commentary, something really funny pops up. That happened here, and at the risk of possibly pissing somebody off, I stole this from one Daran's comments on "How Not to be Insane When Accused of Racism" because it made me laugh out loud--too rare in my world. I hope it has a similar effect on you:

Axiom 3: If you are conservative, and something is said which has the remotest chance of changing your world-view, you can switch [off] your brain by uttering the word ‘liberal’. It’s sort of a self-inflicted Vulcan nerve-pinch.


TASART said...

A BEAD knows not the color, creed, sex, politics, age, income level, morals or even the name of ITS wearer! I love Beads!

Pico said...

Hi Tasart,

That makes it unanimous. I don't know anybody, anywhere, of any age, gender, nationality, point of view, or any other demarcation who doesn't love beads. I think we're hardwired to love beads. I really do. I once asked a specialist in brain studies why that might be. He thought it might have to do with our need to find food, such as berries, which beads often resemble.

Did you know that the word "bead" comes from the Old English word "bede," which means "prayer"? There's something spiritual about a bead. Great levellers, great unifiers. Anybody can afford a bead.

Beads are our oldest art form and probably our first form of symbolic communication. The more I know about 'em, the more I love 'em.

Bead on! And thanks for visiting and commenting