Friday, December 14, 2007

The Irrational Hatred of Hillary

HuffPo offers up an article by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., that sheds some fascinating history on the Bizarre Hatred of Clintons Rightwing monkey hammer sling fest. This teaser only sets up the good part. You'll have to go to HuffPo to get that:

Even some Democrats who agree with Hillary Clinton on every issue and consider her an effective, inspiring leader, fret that the blind, irrational hatred, that burdened her husband during his presidency and that continues to dog his wife, might impair her electability. 'She is too polarizing,' they say, parroting the verdict of television's Sunday morning gas bags.

It's worth recalling the historical parallels with an earlier presidential couple. 'No other word than hatred will do,' observed a May, 1936, Harper's Magazine feature, 'They Hate Roosevelt,' by Marquis W. Childs. 'The phenomenon to which I refer goes beyond objection to policies or programs. It is a consuming personal hatred of President Roosevelt and, to an almost equal degree, of Mrs. Roosevelt.'

The similarities are striking.


Anonymous said...

I don't hate Hillary OR Bill, but I still wouldn't vote for her. Registered independent, but I don't like her, don't trust her any more than I did "Slick Willy" at the time of his election. Don't trust any of the other "front runners" either. Sorry state of affairs that folk that the media consider to be "front runners" all look just like more of the same...

Pico said...

Hi, and thanks for the comment.

I know the feeling--except that I loved Bill from the start.

That said, I look at 8 years of peace, prosperity, and international regard, and all I can say is that if the worst we do is Hill, Bill, or Gore, we're in great shape.

Come back soon.

All the best,