Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Anti-Clinton Situation Room

I've noticed, not for the first time, that Wolf Blitzer, Jack Cafferty, and Candy Crowley seem to have a thing about the Clintons.

We are some days past the race/gender flap, but today, for instance, Wolfman is interviewing Bob Johnson, founder of Black Entertainment Television, to broadcast Johnson's apology to Obama for a pro-Clinton remark. Never mind that attacking candidates outright for drug use has been a staple of politics at least for 18 years--remember the "I didn't inhale" comment? For some reason it has been deemed appropriate for Johnson even to allude to drug use that Obama himself acknowledged. Not that I care about that. What I care about is, my, how things change when a Clinton runs for office.

Candy Crowley has always struck me as unctious in her anti-Democrat, anti-Clinton comments. I won't call it reporting. Today, she's on their backs about Bill's enthusiastic on-the-trail support for Hillary. Shameful, Bill! Well, actually, no. He should stay home when the senior Bushes don't introduce Mitt or anyone else. Not that I care who endorses whom. I don't. I just think the rules ought to apply across the board, but that's old-fashioned me.

Cafferty carps about the Clintons all the time. Not so much about the Republican candidates.

I don't remember licencing CNN as the voice of the GOP. I must have missed that memo.

Where, oh where, is the "liberal media" when we need them?