Saturday, January 26, 2008

At the Head of the Idiot's List of Public Policy . . .

is a new bill pending in my fine state that would permit guns onto any K-12 public or private school, college, or university. Now there's a thought. Anyone with a concealed weapons permit could carry.

A concealed weapons permit is a good thing. But it doesn't confer good judgment. I'm just sayin', where's the first place you'd rush to to find exemplars of maturity and self control? It wouldn't be a high school, would it?

I think of things like crossfire, like asking the police to enter a VA Tech environment when everybody's armed and freaked out. Will the real shooter please stand up. I think of things like pissed off frat boys, race baiting, getting a failing grade, somebody keying your car.

I guess we could look on the bright side and call it population control?