Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pico's Wee-Wee List 3

Dead Fred's comments about HIV-AIDS funding are typical Republican-Think (sorry for the risk--no, the certainty--of oxymoron):

“Christ didn’t tell us to go to the government and pass a bill to get some of these social problems dealt with. He told us to do it,” Thompson responded. “The government has its role, but we need to keep firmly in mind the role of the government, and the role of us as individuals and as Christians on the other.”

“I’m not going to go around the state and the country with regards to a serious problem and say that I’m going to prioritize that. With people dying of cancer, and heart disease, and children dying of leukemia still, I got to tell you — we’ve got a lot of problems here…”

OK, well, see, government IS "us." It's our tax money, and we staff it, whether elected, hired, or appointed. So Pico doesn't buy the red herring that "gummint" is this thing over here, and "We the people" are this thing over here. Whatever government is, it is us.

On the subject of Jesus, he didn't tell us HOW to be each other's keeper. He just said that we ARE.

It's Republican-Think to equate cancer and HIV-AIDS, and to treat Africa as if it's on another planet. A mere two seconds rubbing a few brain cells together should ignite at least this spark: HIV-AIDS is contagious. Cancer and heart disease are not.

Africa is us. This is one planet. If you think we've got a world of turbulence, war, genocide, and migration now, just wait. HIV-AIDS in Africa is about more than decimation (one-tenth). We're talking total economic and political collapse, which means millions at risk of genocide, starvation, and death by diseases including and beyond HIV-AIDS. We're talking feral children in their millions, and an anger unlike anything the world has ever seen. If we can't bring ourselves to care about them, at the very least, we ought to be able to see how HIV-AIDS in Africa affects the political, economic, and epidemiological equation worldwide, and act accordingly.

But no. If you're a Republican, that's their problem and it won't be a bad thing if a few million Black people die. In agony. In despair.

Just do this, Dead Fred: Shut the hell up about Jesus. It's not like you have a clue.

What is it about Republicans that they love to hate so much? Are they all abused children?


Mike Huckabee and the 117,000 South Carolinians who voted for him. Please limit your lever-pulling activities to pinball or we'll have to airlift you to Afghanistan where you'll feel more comfortable.


Obama said what? OK, he didn't explicitly praise Reagan, but of all the SOBs to mention in the context of transforming America! Yeah, he transformed us, OK. He killed unions off; introduced Reaganomics, which Naomi Klein has brilliantly reviewed in The Shock Doctrine; deregulated banks and Wall Street, bringing us to the WONDERFUL home mortgage swindle we're having to live through today; deregulated utilities, bringing us ENRON; and cut funding to mental health programs nationally, dumping millions of mentally ill patients onto the streets--including the vets that the GOP trot out when it's convenient. He also said ketchup is a school lunch vegetable, and that trees pollute more than people do. What a guy!


Speaking of homeless vets: I hear that that sociopath on Faux says there aren't any. Oh? I'd like to introduce him to my dear friend Max who is a physician assistant at the VA here. Max is also an Iraq vet who knows how to deal with problems like O'Reilly.


Cable News for disappearing the story about how Mark Siljander, a darling of the Christian Right and a 3-term former REPUBLICAN congressman, has been indicted for a series of crimes related to getting funding to an Afghan ex-Prime Minister who's a big fan of Al Qaeda. How do you think this would have played if Siljander were of the other party?

Pico's hopping mad this week.