Monday, January 28, 2008

P.S.: The State of George W.

And where was discussion of the economy? And acknowledgement that the people of this country are sick of this war, much less thirsting for endless war? And fidelity to the Founders? Oh please. That was erased by illegal surveillance, the unitary presidency, the diminution of Congress, the politicization of the Justice Department (and the IRS and the FCC), and the breach of separation of church and state, and the assault on our right of privacy . . . .

No. This was a colllection of historical revisions and a cynical shopping list of tasks that he could have achieved had he sincerely wished to achieve them and not their opposites.

One last comment. This was about George. It was not about the state of the union. This was designed to reframe the last seven years by trotting out platitudes of humanitarianism and constitutional reverence and fiscal responsibility.

And I'll bet 20% of the country loved it. There's good news there.