Thursday, March 27, 2008

Assume the Position

Republicans and conservative Democrats are nearly hysterical about Obama's pastor's righteous indignation because he's "unpatriotic," they say. But Rudy Giuliani employs his dear friend, a former Catholic priest implicated in serial sexual abuses of minors and related cover-ups, and I just don't remember a three-week shriekfest about that, do you? Here's Andrew Sullivan on this boggler:

It also happens that Giuliani has long been more attached to a pastor than even Obama is to Wright. Monsignor Alan Placa married Giuliani to his second wife, Donna Hanover, and is actually employed by Giuliani Associates. Placa has been credibly accused of serial molestation of teenage boys, was in charge of handling molestation accusations in Long Island in the heyday of the church's cover-up of child abuse and was eventually suspended by the church from priestly duties for those reasons. The credible charges were made after the statute of limitations had passed and so no legal recourse was possible. But here's the Associated Press last year:

"There's ample evidence showing that Placa consistently protected predators, shrewdly deceived victims, and covered up horrific clergy sex crimes," said a statement from David Clohessy, national director of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests.

Faux News, Sean Hannity, Chris Matthews, Wolf Blitzer, and all the rest didn't use this information in quite the same way they're using the Wright issue, did they?

The reason? We're being played. Again. Now correct me if I'm mistaken and none of this is happening, buh-uh-ut:
If the media repeat often enough the equation that if Wright is unpatriotic then so are the Obamas, then guess what? Pretty soon the dimwits who comprise this beloved, evidently doomed country will believe it. And if we are told often enough that they will then reject Hillary in a fit of pique and vote for McBush, guess what. . . .

Assume the position.