Friday, March 21, 2008

Hagee, McCain, and the Media

Why is it that Republicans and their talking head shills always discover the difference between right and wrong just after they've trashed a Democrat but just before they'd have to trash a Republican if they applied the same groundrules?

NOWWWW it's not a good idea to examine a pastor in the context of a politician's reach for the White House. NOWWWWWW, when WHITE Pastor Hagee ought to be under the microscope where other viruses are examined, suddenly it's risky bidness. So says a triumvirate of Right-leaning shills on the Chris Matthews show this afternoon. One is the evangelical who left Bush's employ in disillusionment. The third is a writer for the New York Times, which always puts Democratic bad news above the fold and buries Republican bad news somewhere deep inside. For example, the flap break-ins of State Department passport files doesn't appear on P. 1. in either the Times or the Washington Post today. Nope. It might be dominating TV, but that doesn't mean it's news, right?

Hagee, after all, only insulted gays and lesbians and Catholics and women. No big. McCain won't be hurt by his having sought Hagee's endorsement, never mind the fact that Hagee also believes that the US government ought to hasten Armageddon by bombing the Middle East, and (as Matthews pointed out) McCain thinks bombing Iran is a pop song. Hello?

At a more serious level, the damage has been done to the Democrat, and now God has enlightened Chris and Co. just in time to keep them from repeating the error. McCain is excused from all political consequences of his actively having solicited the endorsement of a verbal batterer and troglodyte. Not just excused. He is actively protected by the same media that has kept Obama on the end of the Rev. Wright skewer for what, going on two weeks? This is so typically Republican, so intellectually and morally bankrupt.