Wednesday, March 19, 2008

When Truth is Optional

I saw Ari Fleischer on Wolf Blitzer's "Situation Room" this evening. The pair of them reminded me of something I've wanted to say for some time.

When truth is expendible and one party owns the public communication resources, can we speak of living in a democracy?

I don't think so. The people depend upon timely access to facts in order to have any control whatsoever of their affairs. Without candor and truth telling, an investigative and fair press, and a prioritization of stories based on the public interest rather than the public prurience, the people have no chance.

That is what we are up against in this election, I believe. The months between now and November will be filled with lies, distortions, planted stories, incessant negative coverage of Democrats and incessant positive coverage of Republicans, and finally, rigged voting and vote counting.

Let's see if I'm too cynical. My sole remaining hope is that the people have learned in the last seven years the alternative to a free and fair media, accurate reporting, truth as the inside boundary for partisans and the rest of us as well, fidelity to the Constitution, and dedication to the public interest.