Sunday, March 2, 2008

Where've I Been?

I've been housepainting, and while housepainting, pondering this blogging bidness.

There are three approaches, two of which are available to me. Tag-teaming is the one that isn't available, but blogging for the sake of filling up space, or blogging when I've got something to say, are my two options. The downside of the latter is that there are days when I'm elsewhere in my life, and that, to you, looks like I've disappeared. The downside of the former is that I waste my time and yours. The choice seems clear to me.

The world--well, at least the USA--is already eyeball deep in opinions about the presidential race. I have nothing worth noting to add, and if I should think of something, I'll post it. I don't follow sports and the Oscars are a bore even if Johnny Depp and Cate Blanchette are not. Television is a yawn except for all the ways the news is throwing the race, but how many times can I write about that, and "Lost," but I'm not fascinated with deciphering it. So there you are.

OK, I'm always interested in--no, appalled by and much concerned about--Latino immigration issues here in my state, but I'm not adequately informed about the pending changes to the federal H2 visa or Gov. Napolitano's pursuit of complicity with that federal plan to screw "guest" workers. All I know for sure is that any revisions made by this crowd will favor business and drop any pretense at achieving "hospitality" in any sense implied by the word "guest." I'll bet my bottom dollah that protections for workers will be compromised, and bidness will be empowered to be even greedier and meaner.

It has even occurred to me that in all those years Clinton was in office, the neo-Cons were planning not just the Iraq take-down but also the global take-down of the middle classes, a la Milton Friedman. And part of that is to stir up the so-called "immigration" crisis in the USA in order (a) to divert our attention from the real ways we're being effed over and (b) to deplete the ranks of immigrant labor, drive native working classes out of the (disappearing) factories and into the onion fields, and replace them with desperate native middle classes. It's a push-down, a race to the bottom for all of us who didn't even know there was a race going on. It's all part of the re-feudalization of the known world, which, of course, is rounded out by the fundamentalists and their various autos da fey. Hello Hagee, you bloated, bleating sheep-brained moron.

What else interests me at the moment, besides all that, is learning to cook with hot Hatch green chiles, learning to make better pendants of polymer clay, getting acquainted for the first time with the Society of Creative Anachronism, our back yard, which is coming back to life after the chilly eight weeks of winter in Phoenix, and the interior of our home, which, after twelve years, needs to be re-painted.

Likely I'll be spending several hours in the coming couple of weeks on these matters. Maybe I'll bump into a wandering thought or two. Stay tuned.