Thursday, April 24, 2008

Confused about Immigration? Get the Facts

One of the toughest things about fighting in this nasty anti-immigrant war is that there seem to be more nativists than there are pro-immigrant sane people. Or at least they talk more and talk louder and have their own TV show. Ever been to a family reunion where the Republican uncles and the Democrat uncles are having what's euphemistically called a "conversation"? It's like that, only they're on steroids and we're not. Oh, and I, for one, don't claim kin.

They're also better organized and better funded, and they don't have any compunction about lying. This makes their tedious habit of using sane-sounding organizational names really dangerous. But lest I digress, see the Southern Poverty Law Center's expose of the anti-immigrant stampede orchestrated wholly by the racist, nativist Right.

Seriously, the far Right spin on immigration is dizzying, relentless, and deadly. People are dying because of it, and people are being detained and expelled without the means to survive or even a way to notify or contact their own families. Parents are being shipped out while their infants are kept in US detention camps.

Cruel things are happening daily to immigrants in your name. If you don't like that, do something about it.

You need facts -- and I mean, like, real ones -- to fight back. You and I. Actually we need a lot more than facts, but all I can deliver at the moment is a wonderful reliable online source where you'll find a world of facts organized in a way that anybody can find them. Even in a hurry.

Go there now. Bookmark. And then head out to do battle with the spawn of Dobbs Tancredo Tanton. California Immigrant Policy Center