Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Affordable Prescription Meds at Target

OK, I'm on a roll. In my second Practical Pauline post today, I want to alert you (again) to Target's fantastic prescription medication program.

Here's the deal.

Step 1: If you are taking a prescription medication, look it up online to get the name of the generic equivalent.

Step 2: Find the Target nearest you. Go to its pharmacy website. Download the PDF file of its covered generic medications.

If you locate your generic there, you're in luck!

Step 3: Contact your doctor and ask her or him to prescribe the generic equivalent in either the 1-month or 3-month supply, and request that s/he call in the prescription to Target. (Have the Target pharmacy phone number ready). Target offer a 1-month supply for $4, or a 3-month supply for a fantastic $10. What's not to love?

Even if your doctor wants to see you before changing your prescriptions, it's so worth it.

We just saved something like $2,000 a year. No kidding.


shrimplate said...

I'll have to do some googling (which is like "research" only mo'better) to see if I can find out why they're doing this.

Pressure from the insurance industry applied to drug companies would be my first guess. Or maybe it's one of those free-market-effect thingies.

PICO said...

That's a good guess.

Whoever, whatever, it's affecting Mal-Wart, too.

Let us know what you dig up.

Campbell said...

Shopping for prescription drugs has beocme like shopping for airline tickets -- if you're not happy with the first price you find, keep looking until you find a better one. Of course, generics are almost always cheaper than brand name and, if you have employer coverage, network will cost less than out-of-network. But prices vary among pharmacies as well. I recently spent several hours researching the cost of a single prescription and found eight diferent prices, varying from nearly $300 for the brand name at Walgreens to the $4 generic at Target. Spending this kind of time is a pain but ultimately worth it.