Monday, May 19, 2008

CA Siting AZ's Power Lines?

This update from the LA Times via HeadwatersNews:

California utility asks FERC to step into power line dispute with Arizona
After Arizona regulators denied Southern California Edison's request to build a 230-mile power transmission line between Phoenix and Palm Springs, the utility company asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to begin the process to override Arizona's denial, and if FERC complies, it would be the first such decision under new legislation that established "national interest" energy corridors. Los Angeles Times; May 19
Gee, I'm really not sure I want CA and Con Ed dictating where my state puts power lines, and based on this Administration's handling of Federal energy issues (think Enron and old ladies), I'm darn I don't want the Fed handling it.

Although Con Ed says I shouldn't, I do feel threatened. If I'm wrong, will someone who knows a lot about this issue please inform me? TIA.