Saturday, May 3, 2008

Eight Belles

The heroic filly, Eight Belles, after finishing second at the Kentucky Derby today, dropped and was euthanized on the track, having broken both front ankles.

Surely it's time to take a thorough, critical, hard look at horse racing. Ruffian, Barbaro, Eight Belles. Dirt tracks, racing itself, I don't know. I'm not up on this.
What I do know is that horses are fragile and deserve every amenity if we insist on using them for our sport. No horse should run to die.

I feel sick. I feel terrible. I first heard of Eight Belles about 15 minutes ago, but I know nobility when I see it, and senseless death when I see it, and tragedy when I see it.

I venture to say that Eight Belles deeply touched the lives of everyone who worked with her. It's not so clear how many deserved that high honor.

A beautiful soul and a heroic heart are terrible things to waste.