Thursday, May 8, 2008

File Under "Huh?"

Equality AZ, the leading edge in last year's successful fight against a Republican-driven state constitution banning gay/lesbian marriage, domestic partnership, and any similar rights or benefits, today announced that it has hired Marc Morgan to head its development effort.

Morgan, who comes to us from Washington, DC, is described thus:

"With over 12 years of experience, Morgan has been successful in generating funds for such worthwhile causes like animal welfare, the environment, human rights and HIV/AIDS. On the political front, he's been a trusted and well-respected Republican fundraiser for several Members of Congress and local candidates."

Isn't that like being an urban developer and fundraising for the Society for Historic Preservation?

Meanin' no disrespect here, mind. It's just that this strikes me as the fundraising equivalent of turning on the tap while bailing out the basement. Because, like, if we didn't elect Republicans, who would manufacture all these hate bills? I'm thinkin' Pearce. McCain. Kyle. I'm just sayin.'

I don't know. Maybe it's a compulsion thing. Bad habit. Hard to break. Like that. But you know what they say: Friends don't let friends fund Republicans.

Still, I have nothing but admiration for Equality AZ's work in the last nasty anti-diversity proposition fight. AZ is the only state of six, I think, that managed to kick the bigots in the britches, leaving us mighty proud and grateful. So I guess if Executive Director Barbara McCullough-Jones's team thinks Morgan is a great fit, all I can say is "Welcome to Arizona, Marc! Break a leg!"