Saturday, May 3, 2008

Migrant Mass Grave Alleged at Holtville, CA

For more photos and the photographer's compelling and persuasive report, see the Texas Civil Rights Review. For some reason, I don't suppose the UN Special Rapporteur for Human Rights was taken to this site.

The mounting evidence of abuses in this country, on a scale reminiscent of lynching, the destruction of Rosewood, FL, in 1923, and the chronic and corrosive but far less publicized profit-driven violence against Native Americans begs one simple question which I address to every reader:

Where is your voice, proud American?

Why the silence? Where are the Democrats, the Independents, the decent Republicans? Why the averted eyes, the indifference, the complascent ignorance? Why the readiness to believe every bad thing you're told about people of color? (I have in mind not just Lou Dobbs and the rest of the haters, but also the ubiquitous, anonymous email spam that's flooding the US bloodstream to gin up still more hatred for "illegals.") There's a direct cause/effect relationship between all that toxic waste and the photos you see here.

Do you not know that the more fear you feel about speaking up, the more urgent the need to speak out?

If you don't stand for something, Americans, you stand for nothing. Which is it?