Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mississippi Mud

Truthout reports today on two predictable but still appalling immigration developments in Mississippi. In one case, "more than 100 workers in Pascagoula, Mississippi walked off the job at a Mississippi shipyard last week to protest conditions similar to slavery," involving bait-and-switch offers from a Northrop-Grumman subsidiary in Bombay. The Indians were promised residency, green cards, and jobs in return for payments of up to $20K. What they got is disgusting.

But in its infinite wisdom, Mississippi will be charging immigrant workers with felony offences for working in the US illegally, but giving exploitative employers a free pass, apparently.

If you note the terms of this law, you will see that everything in it is designed to increase the number of persons in detention and to maximize their days in prison. Mark my words: This will turn out to be just one more RepubliCon scheme designed to provide fodder to privatized prisons on the per diem Federal compensation dole. Betcha good money.

You heard it here first: Prison privatization, including immigrant detention centers, is just the newest version of human trafficking.