Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oklahoma, No Way!

Consortium sez,

The Republican-dominated Oklahoma legislature is defining the frontier of xenophobic immigration laws, anti-Muslim bigotry, gay bashing and encouragement of gun-toting students – with Democratic legislators often too timid to resist.

Rep. Randy Terrill, Republican chairman of the Revenue and Taxation Committee, has emerged as a hero of the “protect our borders” crowd by authoring a law – known as HB1804 – that makes it a felony even to give an illegal immigrant a ride.
And that's just for starters!

Terrill is the poster boy for tyrannical excess. If he were in Iraq, his name would be Saddam Hussein, for the only thing between Terrill and public executions of gays, Muslims, and the very undocumented workers who've kept OK in the black for decades is a piece of paper. Republicans' increasingly violent projections, masked as righteous indignation, point to deep recesses of psychopathology that nothing, least of all reason, can penetrate.

Democrats had better find the spine to repudiate the GOP's 8-year frolic in sadism--legalized torture, GLBT witch hunts, midnight roundups, sanctioned harrassment, detention and brutalization, unprovoked invasion, wrack and ruin, and a million dead Iraqis--or OK will be our Brave New World.

That's not OK. There's nothing to be gained from silence and acquiescence except more terror, more death, more torture, more hate, more sadistic public policy. By which I mean that if you, yourself, are not working daily to return us to our defining principles (see Declaration, Constitution, and Bill of Rights), then you are complicit. It's that simple. There are no good silent, intimidated Americans.

If you know any Democrats in the OK legislature, get on the phone and ram some backbone where the sun don't shine.

And then mind your own state house.


Horace said...

This kind of commentary reminds me of the perverse rantings of old time communism.

PICO said...

Thanks! There's a clear, persistent pattern in Rightwing criticisms like this that implicitly equates concern about oppressing any minority with "Communism." The equation reflects abysmal ignorance both of our own so-called "Judeo-Christian heritage" and of Comnmunism.