Friday, May 23, 2008

Unfit to Print or Broadcast, Apparently

This gives new meaning to "all the news that's fit to print."

Truthout reports that on May 1, the day of international labor solidarity, 25,000 American longshoremen struck across California ports to protest continuing US involvement in Iraq.

Across 29 California ports, as many as 25,000 longshoremen - members of the firebrand International Longshore & Warehouse Union - refused to show up for work in protest of the U.S. military presence in Iraq. Activity at the ports was significantly diminished on May 1 - the international day of labor solidarity. Labor historians interviewed by The Washington Independent were hard-pressed to remember the last anti-war labor strike of this magnitude.

The ILWU tied the war to the turbulence in the global economy to explain their action. "Big foreign corporations that control global shipping aren't loyal or accountable to any country," said Bob McEllrath, president of the union, in a prepared statement. "For them it's all about making money. But longshore workers are different. We're loyal to America, and we won't stand by while our country, our troops, and our economy are destroyed by a war that's bankrupting us to the tune of 3trillion dollars. It's time to stand up, and we're doing our part today."
Well, our national media picked right up on that, didn't they? Is it official yet? Do we have government-controlled media in the USA?