Saturday, June 14, 2008

Arizona Advocacy Network: "Hungry for Justice"

Arizonans looking for a fulcrum for progressive change would do well to support the Arizona Advocacy Network, whose mission statement says it all:

The Arizona Advocacy Network promotes social, economic, racial and environmental justice by connecting and building power among activists and leaders in those fields, and by leading efforts for electoral justice and increased civic participation.
One of the issues the Network monitors is the ongoing labor dispute against prominent AZ grocery store chain, Basha's. Bashaswatch monitors and profiles the dispute:
Workers at Bashas' Inc.-owned Food City stores filed a class action lawsuit in 2003, alleging they were paid less and had inferior working conditions than workers at Bashas' Supermarkets. The lawsuit is still pending.

Bashas' Inc. broke the law by refusing to negotiate certain changes in working conditions with workers represented by UFCW Local 99. A judge finally had to order Bashas' Inc. to follow the law.

In December 2007, the federal government charged Bashas' with 73 violations of federal labor law.

Earlier this year, Bashas' Inc. outsourced an entire department in their warehouse after workers raised concerns about workplace safety.
More on the dispute here.

"The Arizona Advocacy Network is affiliated with US Action, a network of leading progressive advocacy organizations in 24 states. US Action and its affiliates join together to win social, racial and economic justice for all. We connect issues to elections and policy to politics. We seek to take our democracy back from the corporate elite and the well-heeled special interests that dominate the political process today."