Friday, June 27, 2008

Here's What Arrogance Looks Like

Here are attorneys for the VP and the President testifying before Congress on when the President can torture, and what kinds of torture he can engage in--you know, trivia like that.

Did you think that, in the USA, Congress had the constitutional right to hold the Executive Branch accountable to the laws of the land? Well, think again.


Morning Angel said...

That video is chilling.

phred said...

I heard this clip repeatedly on progressive talk radio and just could not believe what we let our "representative" government get away with. Do you think ANY one in the country who doesnt' pay this close attention to what is happening to us Has Clue One what this meant???

PICO said...

Hi Phred. Thanks for your comments.

The answer is "No." I don't think 3/4ths of us have a clue what this meant, or care.