Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sheriff Joe: John Wayne's Mini-Me

That John-Wayne-Wannabe Arpaio wrote a piece in Latino Perspectives Magazine called "Illegal Immigration is Just That--Illegal." In this manifesto, mini-John turned the entire issue into About Joe, Bad Mayor, and the proverbial Group of Vocal Activists, of course.

His main claim is that he don't never selectively enforce the laws. Uh, BWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAAA!

Someone near and dear to Pico read that and wrote this:

Sheriffs and DAs have selectively enforced laws since dinosaurs roamed the earth. Who does he think he's kidding?

Here's the deal: We Anglos invited, lured, advertised for, and sometimes bus in poor laborers to do mean, dirty work for cheap. EVERYBODY was just fine with that until the GOP suddenly started making "illegal" immigrants the new Willie Horton--Pat Buchanan, Tom Tancredo, Faux News, Lou Dobbs, Russell Pearce, and all the rest.

So I figure it has to do with the "Ownership Society"--something like, oh, I dunno, privatized prisons that are built by our tax dollars to give to wealthy cronies (like ball stadiums) and reimbursed by federal and state tax dollars on a per-prisoner basis. Duh. Like the fence, this sudden belated interest in "illegal" immigrants strikes me as just another Keep the GOP in Beemers for Life scheme paid for by you and me and the dumb shmucks who actually put these vultures in office.

It's amazing to watch sworn, self-touting heroes of capitalism throwing thousands of home-renting, house-buying, grocery-eating, goods-producing, clothes-wearing, tax-paying, Social Security contributing CONSUMERS AND THEIR FAMILIES right out of town voluntarily.

Almost as amazing as watching the home loan swindle-driven foreclosures rise, businesses slow down and close, and the school and infrastructure budgets plummet. Thanks. Great job, Brownie!

Hey, I'm one of the "We the people." Here's what *I* want: Raid Anglo neighborhoods and round up cocaine users, drug dealers, predatory swindling lenders, gas-guzzing air polluters, Mormon polygamists, corrupt legislators, office-abusing officials, high-rolling Johns, scofflaw drivers, and tax cheats with the same zest you apply to running after little, unarmed, powerless, poor brown people.

Yeah, THAT's going to happen.

Meanwhile, thank God we have a few decent people in office who can distinguish between racist re-election campaigns and the righteous prosecution of serious crime.