Friday, July 4, 2008

"Random Musings"

Craig at Random Musings has nailed the AZ legislature's latest travesty of justice, its dishonest and unlawful attack on gay men and lesbian women,* with a must-read.

[*"Lesbian women" is said to be redundant because only women can be lesbians. However, not all women are lesbians, and we who are are many things besides "lesbians." Therefore, "lesbian" isn't an appropriate noun, actually. As a noun, it is reductive and lends itself too easily to the kinds of stereotypes that Karl Rove and the piety contingent of the Republican party like to wield in the service of tyranny. It is better used as an adjective.]

Craig also today posts the entire Declaration of Independence, with trenchant comments. It is a wonderful thing to do this day, and another must-read. Salud.