Thursday, July 17, 2008

Voter Accountability

Voters should be accountable for their votes, don't you think? To that end, I have a modest proposal.

Everyone who voted for Bush in either election should be held accountable for the disasters that he and his minions have wrought on the USA and the rest of the planet.

Their assets should be seized and sold, and with their cash, the proceeds should be applied to reduce the national debt.

Or maybe there's a smarter application. I'm open minded. Maybe those assets should be directed at rebuilding the nation's infrastructure, or building a renewable, independent energy future, or educating the next generation at world-class schools.

I'm just sayin'.

Right now, there's no accountability so people feel free to vote for the US President with the same degree of attention and care they devote to grabbing the next Big Mac. Maybe if there were direct, personal consequences, they'd pay attention? Get the facts instead of the propaganda?

I don't know. This assumes that they have two brain cells to rub together.

That's debatable.