Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bookmark Religious Right Watch

From Religious Right Watch:

"The East Anglian Daily Times reports on Dr. Lee Marsden, Lecturer in Politics at the University of East Anglia, whose new book, For God's Sake, 'argues that the religious core values of Middle America have potentially disastrous consequences for both the United States and the planet.'"

He's right, except that the views of the Christianists are not universally embraced by all of Middle America, thank God. That's the good news. The bad news is that they are embraced by not a few of the most powerful men in Washington, including the President and four men on the US Supreme Court.

McCain, who earned my praise for denouncing the Christianists back when, did a complete U-turn this election in order to further his presidential ambitions. If he's installed in the White House, he will owe all to militant, uncompromising feudal Christianists who (seriously) believe that nuclear holocaust is a good thing because it will bring the Second Coming and that environmentalism is a slap in God's face because "He" wants us to exploit the planet. (And that's just for starters. After that? Old Testament-style theocracy, Talibanist views of women and GLBT folk, and of course white male supremacy.)

The combination of "owing all to" and "some of the most powerful men in Washington" is not a promising formula for planetary life.

If you aren't thoroughly familiar with the size, scope, wealth, power, and views of this dangerous extremist phalanx, and don't fully understand its hold on key US power centers, please: Get up to speed. This is the best site yet for that purpose. Check out the righthand column, link by link. Then you'll know what I've been yelling since the mid-80s: No, Virginia, they're not a lunatic fringe. They're the lunatic center who got into power because we were sound asleep.