Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pico's Had His Portrait Painted!

World, greet Pico, "Desert God of Small Things" (a play on the title of Arundhati Roy's Booker Prize-winning novel).

Pico really is The God of Small Things, though this fact was only gradually revealed. He is portrayed here by his great friend and compaƱera, the very gifted painter Melissa Hefferlin, at his ceremony of investiture. He is shown being elevated before his diminuitive tribe to rising choruses of eeensy peeps and chippets. ("Investiture," of course, is metaphorical, for Pico has no vests. Or pants. Or blouses, stockings, shoes, or caps. Nor has he need of them. He will soon have a sacred bead, but that comes later.)

In keeping with ancient practice, Pico's full divine name is never to be spoken aloud, which is just as well because the part that may be whispered is Don Pico de Gallo de Guapo de Miguel Cristobal del Fuerto de Hernandez Alejandro y Raul Simon Salvador con Pedro de Jesus Quattro bel Canto de la Marquez Rafael Diego Kahlo la Maravilla del Frederico Yucatan y Octavio Esteban con Jose Vidal Paco de Reyes Maria Chihuahua del Milagrito de la Paz.

Pico, el Perocito Milagrito. He has many aliases.

Tiny Denizens All, your bantam guru greets you.