Friday, August 15, 2008

So Much BS, So Little Time

Once upon a time, people didn't lie because they respected themselves. They regarded lying as the act of cowards and dishonorable people who, by lying, indicated their capacity to do other dishonest things.

Well that's done, huh!

There's this guy Corsi, who's getting free national press for filling two book covers with nothing but lies, sort of like Ann Coulter and Faux news. Sort of like McSame. Sort of like Limbaugh. Are we seeing a pattern here?

This morning I get an email purporting to compare Obama's tax policies with McSame's. Just as I thought, if it comes from the Right, it's probably gonna be a lie.

If you happen to get that post, be sure to answer it with this link from Snopes and something like these words:

"It's more of the usual dishonest crap from the Right. So. What I want to know is, will there be any consequences? Are you at all pissed off that they're lying to you and playing you like a flute, or are you just going to suck it up? And have you checked to see what else they're lying to you about?"
Don't take this stuff lying down. Fire back! Call a lie a lie, and hold your acquaintances, relatives, and friends accountable for passing on BS without bothering to verify it first. That's what Snopes is for. See its Politics and What's New pages, especially, and consider subscribing to its RSS feed.

There are numerous other news check sites, too, like Media Matters and You want to know the truth when you place your vote. Use these sites. That's what they're there there for.

No, this isn't just business as usual. This stuff kills. Lies about immigrants kill immigrants. Lies about "liberals" result in the shooting of state Democratic chairs. Lies about candidates deprive citizens of free choice and the facts that enable us to sustain democracy. Lies divide the nation bitterly, distract us from life-and-death problems we must address, and keep us all down, in squalor and ignorance.

Fight them actively or encourage more of same. Your country, your culture, your choice.