Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Two Can Play Swiftboating

This isn't a conclusion I come to easily, but I've come to it reluctantly. It's time for Democrats to do their own swiftboating. I don't see America responding to anything but destructive campaigning. If that's the new standard, then there's not really an option if we want to win. We didn't make the rules, but we are going to have to play by them just the same.

The secret to effective swiftboating is to punch the fear button and the trust button. It won't do to pass along just any old gossip. The playing field underlying this stuff is the unconscious, where the demons play.

I want to see a knock-out punch, and I want to see it now. As the GOP is fond of saying, a bully only understands one language. Maybe if we speak it back, the Republicans will finally be motivated to leave the sewer they fondly call home.


Morning Angel said...

Interesting that you used the term swiftboating, since it was coined in the Kerry campaign to describe the smear against Kerry's war record. It's interesting because McCain is detested by quite a few groups of POWs and vets of Viet Nam, and they have a rather intense "swiftboating" campaign going on against him on the internet.