Saturday, August 23, 2008

Warning: Bush's "New Rush to Spy"

As my high school English teacher used to say, "A word to the wise is sufficient."

In the hands of men who will forge letters, lie to the people about the necessity for war, close off government to the people's scrutiny, subordinate science to radical fundamentalist ideologies, create a private mercenary domestic army, grow concentration camps on US soil, frame immigrants in order to deport them, oversee innumerable lying smear campaigns against opponents, stage "town halls," and melt down the US economy for personal profit and for ideological goals, aggressive, expansive domestic spying is a blow to the heart of our democracy. Anyone who thinks it isn't being used for political gain and to create a police state is dangerously naive.

When I recall the outrage over Ruby Ridge and Waco, I have no choice but to believe that Rightwingers are fine with the atrocity of a police state provided they aren't the targets. This is just one more piece of evidence that the US Far Right is hostile to the core values of America. I'll change my mind about that when the Freepers cite the Constitution in support of minority rights and denounce illegal police-state operations with as much vigor as they denounce Jane Fonda.

Yeah, that'll happen.