Friday, September 5, 2008

Don't Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. And Then Get Busy.

Thank God Kos is on it. Maybe he has the leverage to help get this into the mainstream media. In any case, it's the responsibility of the Left blogosphere to make this THE issue of this election in the mainstream mind. If you have a blog, get informed and start writing about what's at stake in the coming election.

The Dominionist/Reconstructionist/Extreme Christian Right agenda is not a joke, not an exaggeration, not a made-up horror story, not a myth.

For more than 20 years, I've been following it closely, writing about it, and warning about it.

The hardest challenge has been to persuade sane people to believe it for the simple reasons that (a) it sounds insane, (b) they think the Christian Right is a small, lunatic fringe, and (c) they believe it cannot happen here.

Au contraire. If you're sane, take heed NOW. Fight any inclination to dismiss this as exaggeration. It isn't. It's deadly serious, and it's real, and it could be coming to a White House near you.

The extreme Christianist Far Right movement is huge, enormously wealthly, and extraordinarily powerful. Its followers--in varying degrees of conviction, and with certain theological differences--are in the White House, the Supreme Court, and the US Congress, to say nothing of state governments. The intentions? To remake the United States into an Old Testament theocracy (that means that Old Testament law as fundamentalists interpret them will be the law of the land) and hurry the Second Coming by any means necessary.

Much has been written about this horrifying phenomenon by numerous reputable scholars, biblical scholars, journalists, and former cult members. It's here, it's real, and Sarah Palin is their dream candidate. Visit Kos for an overview focused on Palin's connections.

See the links at the right side of this blog, under Heads Up, for reliable information about America's deadly serious, enormously influential, militant, extremist Christian Right. See also my series on the long march to US Christo-Fascism, starting here.

Do you really want Sarah Palin a heartbeat from Launch Code? If not, what are you willing to do to elect Obama and Biden instead?