Friday, September 5, 2008

Joel's Army

See what the respected Southern Poverty Law Center has to say about Joel's Army, the militant Christianist movement that espouses the use of violence to impose its religious views.

See Kos for more on links between Dominionist stealth candidate Sarah Palin and Joel's Army. This piece, written by a former cultist, has insights not readily available elsewhere, and bristles with informative links. The writer's diary and the linked articles are a good window on segments of US Christo-Fascism, a huge, well-funded, and very, very powerful voice in Republican politics and policy, foreign and domestic. The fact that Palin was selected over McCain's own preference--Lieberman first, then Pawlenty--speaks volumes to the power of this bloc in the GOP. It ain't your daddy's conservative voice.

But then if you've been paying any attention for the last eight years, you know that, don't you?


MABepicure said...

There was an awful lot at the Republican convention that outraged me--the hypocrisy was as deep and vicious as anything I've ever seen. But what surprised me the most was their unprovoked attack on community organizers. What an odd choice for a fall guy for the troubles of this nation. Once upon a time, in a land far away, a President named Bush called for "a thousand points of light," for volunteers to serve their country by working in their communities. As someone who heads up a non-profit, completely voluntary, grassroots group that aids returning veterans, I was astounded that the Republican Party would choose to denigrate what I and thousands of other people do. There have been a number of articles on this odd choice of enemies, the blog below has links to many of them. Cheers, Michael

PICO said...

Dear Michael,

You are so right. Everybody I know is just livid about that. The world turns on community organizing. Gee, sometimes it's even called "faith-based initiatives"! It's a bizarre, out-of-touch lashing-out that has angered millions of selfless Americans who have a right to expect at least courtesy from a presumptive VP.

Thank you for your comment and for your work helping returning vets. God bless you.