Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Oh Say it Ain't So!

Andrew Sullivan on Mitt Romney's speech at the Republican Convention: "A largely content-free speech that went out on a limb, defending patriotism, attacking liberals, vowing to defeat evil and defend the family. I was somewhat surprised to hear that the GOP is about cutting spending, and restraining government, and that liberals have been in charge for the last quarter of a century - but, hey, this is the 2008 Republican National Convention. Reality is what they say it is." It's always that way, right, RWR?

I've always wanted to ask a solidly religious Bible-based Republican: As opposed to the subject of gays getting married, isn't there an actual commandment against bearing false witness? Would that be relevant at all in your world?


Right Wing Reader said...

We may agree on this one. Republicans aren't much better on spending than Democrats, which is why they deserved to get booted in 2006. Conservatives are much better, and that's why we need more of them. Arizonans realized that on Tuesday, and elected a slew of them over Napolitano-supported Republicans.

As far as government restraint, Republicans have always been way better on this issue. We use government to protect lives e.g. Patriot Act, Pro-life laws. You use government to create new rights or inhibit traditional rights e.g. right to life, school choice, right to work, freedom to pray, smoking, and hundreds of other restrictions.

As far as gay marriage, it's an oxymoron. Gays want to legitimize their relationships via the government by co opting the marriage title, but that just hurts their cause. Calling a lion a banana suddenly after millennia of knowing a lion as a lion isn't going to appeal to too many people. We know a marriage to be a relationship btn a man and woman. We know a lion to be a lion. It's really that simple. Anything else would be bearing false witness.

You guys had Greek columns at your convention. Are you sure you want to discuss reality? :)

PICO said...

That part about lying, RWR. Doesn't the Bible say something about bearing false witness? Does that matter in your practical world of religious morals?

Whatever else I am, RWR, I am a human being whom God created in His/Her own image. A child of God. I am also an American citizen and my Constitution entitles me to equal protection against the kind of mob mentality that you embody. When you deny me the right to marry, you deny me my basic human right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

I'm so glad you watched our convention! But you didn't, did you. You're passing on cheap, second-hand and WRONG information. Again. The columns weren't Greek. There again, you're caught believing whatever your cretin generals tell you. Your standards of thinking and scholarship just are not impressive.

Right Wing Reader said...

I can't stand lying, if that's what you're asking. That's why I'm not a Republican by title, and could never be a Democrat or Liberal.

I didn't question your humanity ever, but you do call yourself "Pico," after a dog. Ya might want to choose. :)

Not sure what mob mentality I'm supposed to possess; please enlighten.

How are you denied the right to marry? We all have the same right. - the right to marry a willing partner of the opposite sex. Don't you have that right too? Are you in some wacky left-wing cult or something? Describe your location and we'll get you out! Seriously though, we all have the same rights. What you want is a special right, a right that I don't have either, the right to marry someone of the same sex. I think, like many in your cause, you think you should have the right to marry whomever you want. Well, no one has that right. If I did, I can assure you I'd be mashing with my wife Cindy Crawford and not writing on your blog. We simply don't have the right to marry whomever we like, and we all have the same identical rights regarding marriage. That all said, I am certainly not opposed to some government recognized union for gay people. Go for it, but don't call it marriage.

Regarding the convention, I watched every night in Denver; I always do. I actually find it much more interesting than that of the GOP, save for last night perhaps. I loved the speah by the Montana governor, whose name escapes me. He was good. If he goes on Huckabee's diet and gets the ants out of his pants (he was all over the podium) then he might be a good future national candidate for you guys.

Perhaps the columns weren't Greek, I'll concede. I'm no expert on architecture. Whatever they were, they were a bizarre expression of Obama's delusion of grandeur.

PICO said...

Too twisted for me!