Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Tailhook Candidate

D'ya think Jerry Springer did the vetting? Really, this Palin crowd will keep the tabloids in barbecued pork rinds, like, forever. And I just can't wait until we get the extended family.

Maddow may be right that the question is whether Palin will make it through the week, but I doubt it. She's a superstar to the base, after all, and if She resigns, the base will tar and feather George McCain. Not gonna happen, IMHO. Such a thing would inscribe on the skies what we already know about George McCain: that his management style is shoot first, ask questions later.

George McCain is a former (apparently not very good) Navy fighter pilot. His personal style, from jettisoning his first wife because a car accident damaged the looker he had married, to bagging heiress Cindy for the cash and the connections, to carpet-bagging Arizona, to this latest beauty pageant, is pure Tailhook. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that George McCain selected Sarah Palin, whose primary qualifications for high office appear to be that she is pretty and has a uterus that she uses for its intended purpose.

We all saw George McCain checking out her rear-end attributes at the, um, unveiling. I'm fairly sure that this (and the girls, of course) were the central focus as Palin ran a thorough Republican vetting gauntlet in a secret location somewhere in Flagstaff a couple of days before the announcement. Guess what. She passed. This makes Sarah Palin in fact the perfect Tailhook Candidate, the pin-up Hockey mom queen with the AK-47. This is female perfection to the Republican mind, and she will have enormous appeal to the Mr. and Mrs. Bubba Brigade. God help us if they turn out to vote.

(Photo courtesy of Timesonline, UK.)


Right Wing Reader said...

No substance Pico, just more personal attacks. I can tell from your writing that you're smarter than that.

McCain, who I'm no fan of, flew something like 23 missions in Viet Nam. The odds were against him. To call him a bad pilot is a very cheap and unpatriotic shot. You SHOULD be above that.

Palin way outshines Obama in terms of experience and moxie. It would be nice if a single liberal blog would focus on issues instead of revealing how scared they are of her.

PICO said...

How many planes did he crash, again?

Re: your estimation of Palin: To those who've formed their impressions in the gutter, a big rat looks attractive.

Right Wing Reader said...

Now you attack me again. Come on Pico, debate like an adult.

To my knowledge, McCain didn't crash a single plane. I believe he was shot down twice though. There is a difference, well, to people who respect our men and women in uniform anyway.

Yes, I think Palin is awesome! :)

PICO said...

Do your homework, RWR.

Right Wing Reader said...

I did Pico, and it looks like he wasn't a flying ace in any sense of the word. And, you are right, he did crash a few planes that were not shot down. However, they appear to have been due to mechanical failures. Maybe, maybe not. I guess we'll never know. For the sake of argument though, let's assume they were all pilot error. It proves he wasn't a good pilot, but hardly takes away from his service record in flying 23 missions over Viet Nam. Being a shitty pilot doesn't diminish his bravery. McCain was there; Biden had 5 deferments.

PICO said...

Doesn't it make you wonder what else I'm right, and you're wrong, about? Like, for instance, your assertion that most states require unionization? Might wanna fact-check that, too.

You REALLY don't want to go down the "Which Political Party Has More Military Servicemen" road, honey. Try researching that, too.

Oh, I think being a "shitty pilot" speaks volumes to his commitment to learning his trade and his priorities--booze and women versus being a crack Naval officer. It spotlights the hype in his claims to put country first, too.

Bravery? Since the Vietnam War ended, McCain has been anything but brave. He's a carpetbagger who left his wife in crisis because her beauty had been marred in a severe car accident, and married a woman with millions to fund his fun and his ambitions. Those are facts.

Maybe to you they add up to bravery, but to me, they add up to being a selfish, predatory whore.

At best, McCain is a formerly brave whore who isn't above whoring out his POW status (and his former principled opposition to the dangerous Christianist Right, and his former principled position on immigration) for ambition's sake.

Read my "John McCain and Real War Heroes" post (8-27-08) if you want examples of genuine bravery, principle, heroism, and integrity. McCain isn't fit to polish their shoes.