Monday, October 6, 2008

AZ Rightwing "Law-Abiders": Wherefore Art Thou Now?

I'm waiting to be deafened by irate Arizonans lined up in front of Pruitt's to protest the newest crop of "illegals." The new "illegals" are members of the AZ-based conservative group Alliance Defense Fund. They've on pastors, of all people, to knowingly break the law.

I'm waiting for that roar of outrage(tap tap tap).

I'm looking left, right, fore, and aft, for red, white, and blue pro-America "Obey the Law!" signs. I don't see nuthin'.

And I'm still waiting.

From The Michigan Messenger, among others:

"This past Sunday, the conservative organization Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), based in Arizona, sponsored a protest of the federal tax code that prohibits preachers from endorsing a political candidate from the pulpit.

"The initiative, called 'Pulpit Freedom Sunday,' called on preachers around the country to violate the law and make endorsements during their sermons. The 54-year-old tax code prohibits tax-exempt organizations, like churches, from engaging in partisan politics. If they do, they could lose their tax-free status. According to ADF, about 30 churches participated in the protest nationwide, and almost all of their pastors endorsed Sen. John McCain."

Still not hearing a word.

This tells me (again) that AZ Rightwingers don't give a damn about the law. Just like they don't give a damn about facts and truth, and don't give a damn about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and don't give a damn about fair, free elections.

What they care about is white, male, money, and guns (power). If the last eight years haven't etched that into your consciousness, you're already compost. You're just walking around, that's all.


Morning Angel said...

You can mess around with the public, the bulk of the bureaucracy, the legislative branch, the Supreme Court, the Executive, even to some extent, the military, but don't mess around with the IRS!

I'm not a lawyer, but there must be a way to prevent the *members* of those congregations from declaring charitable tax exemptions on their 2008 tax forms. Hit those churches where it hurts, their non-taxable profit, and they'll change their tunes real fast.

If they get away with this, there'll be activist groups and PACs all over the country screaming for similar tax-exempt status. This protest was naive, and not very well thought out. I expect lawsuits on this one.

Anonymous said...


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