Friday, October 17, 2008

Send MN Rep. Michelle Bachmann Back Under Her Rock

If you didn't hear Chris Matthews' interview with this modern-day McCarthy fascist, Daily Kos has it on video here.

This gal is as hard Right as it gets. She's like a Sarah Palin clone. But see for yourself.

First listen to Bachmann equate leftists and liberals with America haters and call for an investigation of Congress to root out the "America haters." Listen carefully to her vicious and unprincipled diatribe about Barack Obama, and then get yourself to this secure actblue site to contribute generously to Democrat El Tinklenberg, her opponent in a tough Congressional campaign.

Join thousands of progressives in the blogosphere: Let's let Bachmann know in no uncertain terms that she's not welcome in our Congress, and that the more she spews her lying hateful rabble-rousing venom, the more we'll contribute to decent candidates for public office.

Not convinced? Here's what a MN blogger has to say about Bachmann:

"This is a person who organized rallies where signs calling for the MURDER of gays and lesbians were shown, a person who blamed the economic crises on minorities, a person who denies global warming. Michelle Bachmann is as hard right as they come. You don't know how much beating Michelle Bachmann would mean to me and many other Minnesotans. So again, please, please, please donate."
In the immortal words of Marge Gunderson (Fargo), "You betcha! I just think I'm gonna baarf!"


Wordsmyth said...

Thanks for posting this information. I'd heard of Bachmann, but didn't realize just how evil she really is. Talk about ANTI-AMERICAN! SHE'S the one who is more that than anyone she has named!

Wordsmyth said...

Oh, and thanks to your heads up on this, I followed your advice: I went straight to the site and donated to her opponent's campaign! Grrrrrr!

PICO said...

Good on ya, Wordsmyth! And thanks for posting!

I just heard that we've raised over $400K for Tinklenberg since the Hardball interview, and I feel sure more money will pour in as word spreads.

What motherhood of hell-spawned hags produced this vermin?