Monday, November 17, 2008

Big Three Bailout

As I just wrote to the CNN Newroom:

Regarding this Big 3 bailout: I'd like to see an interview with all three CEOs that said this:

What happened to personal accountability and pride? I can't imagine my senior managment father--a WWII Paratrooper--ever begging the government to save his rear if he had mismanaged his business into crisis. He would have been too ashamed, felt too responsible, and been too proud to ask someone else to pay for his messes.

Isn't that an American value anymore? If it isn't, maybe the country should be more focused on that than on undermining the Constitution by making war on gay people's human rights!
If we do bail out the Big 3, then we certainly DO have the right to impose conditions. I vote for: New boards, new management, no layoffs, and a commitment to manufacture vehicles that are increasingly less oil dependent.

I would be happy to give the Big 3 funds to retool, re-educate its workforce, and re-grow a productive American Middle Class. I would not be happy to fund the same old mediocrity, environmental apathy, and golden lifestyles for patently failed executives.