Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Meet Samson Ledger, Pico's New Sidekick

This is Samson Ledger, aka Sam, aka Sledge. He's Pico's new sidekick and the newest member of our family. Sam arrived with us on December 27, 2008, at 4 pm. He'll be a year old on January 14.

Sam is the strong, silent type--hence the name Samson Ledger. The Samson part should be obvious. The Ledger part is a tribute to the late, great strong, silent type Heath Ledger, in his role as Ennis Del Mar, in Brokeback Mountain.


jobsanger said...

What a vicious-looking beast!!:-)

Seriously, congrats on the new family member.

Anonymous said...

Toooooo Coooooool!!!! Maybe he'll tear into Bush's a$$ on the way out!!!

Godmama said...

My! Pico should be so happy to have another playmate! He is just too cute!