Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Technical Difficulties: Your Input Requested

Layout Mess! The right-side column of this blog may not appear unless you scroll way down the page.

This happens to me when I use Mozilla's Firefox browser, which I just installed this morning. It does not happen to me when I use Microsoft Internet Explorer.

I've tried to fix it by tweaking the code in Blogger. Unfortunately, that only erased some resent images and widgets. It will take a while for me to remember what I've lost, but I'll be restoring context as time permits.

Yes, I've alerted Firefox to this problem and requested assistance. I hope that they or I can correct this layout mess soon.

In the meantime, could you, dear reader, please leave a comment telling me what you see and which browser you use? If you'd rather email me, please email

Your feedback will be very helpful. Thank you, and please accept my apology for this inconvenience.


Morning Angel said...

I use IE, and it looks the same as always to me.

PICO said...

Thanks, MA.

I messed around in the code and can now see the right column in Firefox the way it's supposed to be. Here's hoping it's fixed.

Anonymous said...

I use Firefox. Your blog looks great, just like always. I gave up on IE a long time ago.

El Politico said...

Looks fantastic!!! Great work, please keep it up!!!!


PICO said...

Thanks, Anonymous! Glad to know you like Firefox, too.

PICO said...

Carlos, thanks for your kind comment!