Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Experiencing Technical Difficulties

As you can see from the overlap of the video onto Pico's official portrait, we are experiencing technical difficulties. The main one is that I can't edit the right-side widgets at all--a problem numerous Blogger bloggers are experiencing, and one that Blogger isn't rushing to help us with.

If you notice a number of fluctuations in layout in the next few days, it'll be me, trying to reload the template and update the links and stuff. I hope you will bear with me. There's no point in blogging without you!

Thanks. I'll try to get 'er done and quickly and painlessly as possible.


El Politico said...

Looks great to me!!! I'm using Firefox (latest version).

We'll put up with any changes though. It's always worth it when it's a quality Blogger like you!!!

Carlos Galindo