Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Did You Hear What I Heard about the Paulson Bailout?

Did I hear MSNBC's financial guy this morning say that the Paulson multi-billion Christmas gift to Wall Street actually includes a provision that would make it hard, if not impossible, for these incompetent thieves to pay back the US taxpayer?

Will anybody ever haul Bush, Paulson, Rumsfeld, Pearle, Wolfowitz, Cheney, and all their Executive, Legislative, and Judicial cronies to a guillotine for the most concentrated acts of treason ever to manifest on US soil? Compared to the Bush crimes, the Civil War was petty.

I don't get it. The flabby, lamby-pamby nonsense coming out of Congress today makes me sick. And I'm not at all pleased that Obama is traipsing down the same old bail-out path that Bush took.
I don't buy it.


Anonymous said...

that's it and we have to pay for the fun they have while stealing the money from those of us who are trying to survive ... get that you sob's trying to survive and not lose our houses. they don't have a clue

Elián Maricón said...

OMG! I LOVE YOUR SITE. We have similar politics and an affinity for chihuahuas! My partner and I have 2: Satan and Killer. Killer has a Che Guevara sweater. I wanna sent u pics :)

My site isn't nearly as endearing. It's kinda angry. But one of my posts called "Join the Impact: What Impact?" is supposed to be on Bilerico today, which is cool. I am a new blogger, and I started almost a month ago.

I like the way you counterbalance scary news w/ the cute chihuahua. Your blog is officially my favorite!

PICO said...

Thank you both for your comments!
Elian, thank you for your compliments and enthusiasm. I'm grateful! The delay in posting your comment occurred because I've been out of town and just arrived home to discover it.

All the best,